With PiXey®, Micro LEDs are able to be used in and on products in unimaginable ways.

We want product designers to think of PiXey® as building blocks of light with incredible extremes; very thin, very bright and very low power consumption.

You, as the builder, get to decide how you combine our building blocks to create the perfect light for your products. Keyboard backlights, LCD display backlighting, logos, interior lighting, automotive lighting... the opportunities are endless. 


Pixey® solutions are often brighter, thinner and use less battery.

Take a look at one of the products, a keyboard backlight, that uses PiXey®. Notice how it compares to the common industry standard that was used before Rohinni invented PiXey®.



Keyboard Backlight using PiXey®


We are proud to see PiXey® used by Luumii™.



Ant w 3 micro leds.jpg



Feel free to Contact us If you and your company would like to find out more about PiXey® and what it can do for you.